scrapbook of a haight-ashbury pilgrim
"Extraordinary glimpses of the spiritual eruption of the '60s. Elizabeth has helped keep this flame alive since those catalytic days..."      -- Peter Stafford.
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Scrapbook of a
Haight-Ashbury Pilgrim:

Spirit, Sacraments and Sex in 1967/68
by Elizabeth Gips

Excerpts from "Scrapbook"...
A Glossary of Haight Ashbury-ese
SAJIT in his Temple
Rowland and Betty and the Police

Excerpts from Jon Hanna's book,
"Psychedelic Resource List"...

"Scrapbook is an insider's description of the psychedelic movement in the late sixties. Gips has compiled a scrapbook of poems, drawings and diary excerpts from her life experiences during the "Summer of Love." What Scrapbook does best is present an honest look at what it was like to be part of the spiritual questioning which blossomed during this time. It presents this information in an easy to read manner, making the flavor of the sixties available to the "Generation X" of the '90s. While reading Scrapbook, I was transported back in time, and experienced the genuine enthusiasm of the hippie movement. I also found, to some extent, an appreciation for poetry. These effects that Scrapbook had on me were unexpected, as I have always felt ambivalent towards hippies and poets.

"Now in her 70s, Elizabeth Gips is the "grandmother" you wish was yours. She currently resides in Santa Cruz, and makes the occasional appearance in cyberspace on the CSP Entheogen List. Scrapbook is wonderful fun-sometimes sad, sometimes joyous, but always interesting!

"Highly recommended!

Scrapbook of a Haight-Ashbury Pilgrim: Spirit, Sacraments and Sex in 1967/68 is currently unavailable. Please check back here soon for information on how to attain a copy of Scrapbook.

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