Remembering Elizabeth Gips

Elizabeth Gips was a wonderful and delightful person to know. My wife Lisa J., my children and I enjoyed many a party and gathering in her magical backyard. We would bring drums and always meet other drummers to jam with (but not too late; the lady next door!) and there were always dancers, and always children, and always the most interesting people. When my son Julian (5) was born, she threw an I Ching and drew a wonderfully artistic summary of that toss, addressed to Julian. We framed it and it hangs it in our bedroom. I read it often, and I look forward to the day that Julian can read it and understand it. (Right now it is on the alter next to a candle which burns in memory of her love and constructive and high point of view.)

About eight years ago Elizabeth gave me a stack of her lyrics to peruse and pick from. About five years ago I found that stack of lyrics in a box and re-read them, and wrote music for one. I tried to capture the "Changes" Elizabeth in the arrangement ( I assumed she would be happiest with something she could play on her show) and she said I could do whatever I wanted with it, but it had to end with OMs. It is called "I Am", and when I listen to the words, she becomes all the way live for me.

An mp3 of the song (4.6M) can be downloaded at:

Enjoy. (You too, Elizabeth, wherever you are.)

Jonathan Arthur

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