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Changes is a program I've hosted most of the years since 1972 and specifically in this area from 1975. I decided at the outset not to get paid for it, although I was on three stations at one time. I never have received pay, and I like that. The radio audience is wide and aware and the program is really unlike anything else on the air here or anywhere, I suspect. I prefer to hang out with the scenario of evolution, our growing awareness, our basic divinity and that we are learning to consciously, rather than unconsciously, co-create. If it is only one of perhaps an infinite number of scenarios, that's ok. Why hang out with anything less?

I play music from reggae and rock to Mozart and Bach, from John Coltrane to Kate Wolf - all wonderful for the spirit. I read from books or my own writings, play other authors reading, do interviews with knowns and unknowns and talk without script from the heart and hopefully from a place where the heart and mind meet.

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