mini meditations   you are the buddha

We love you. We have waited for you.

Enter the Chill Room,

a place for the weary web surfer.

Welcome, dear heart,

and remember Who you really are.


As you sit at your computer,
let your neck relax,
soften your eyes,

Here in numinous cyberspace you have found these words to open your heart.

You are an integral cell in the mind of universal consciousness.

Take a deep breath,

a sigh,

a sound from your heart.

Let it come from your abdomen, 
feel peace as it fills your heart,
peace as you enter into love.

I salute the god in you!

Give thanks
Your shoulders sag comfortably.  Your abdomen loosens up. Here you are
at your computer in this magic world of ours where ants work in deep communion,
where humans learn, where trees teach patience. Where computers bring us
together in a non/space, a cyberplace that is no place, no thing, an energy
field around the world that is bringing you this message from yourself.


Breathe deeply, gently.
 Enter the space beyond.
Journey in.
Gently=85  Beyond.
     Breathe deeply.
 Your brain relaxes, accepts, looks, watches the clouds of thought.
Internal observer touches your heart and it becomes light,
a luminescence softly flooding through  your veins.
 Feel the light.
Breathe deeply.
 Emotions, judgment;  thoughts rise like clouds from nothing,
         disappear to nothing, mesons flickering on a screen of habit.
Take a moment...........
Ahhhhh.  Breathe out.
You are a shaman.. All realities dance within you right now.
  You are a shaman. Your heart is your drum.  Put your fingers
on your inner wrist, under your thumb.  Feel that mysterious beat, the river
of energy, the beat of life.  It carries you to eternally changing realms
even as you sit here reading this.  In that spaceless space
spirit holds us always.
and relax.
  Slow down .

You are beautiful.

Your birthright is love.

Together we move in an evolutionary dance.  Together we grow.
 Shake your shoulders, move your head.
  Gently.  Sag.
Feel the downward pull of gravity, which is Love.
  "I hold you  I love you,"  Love says.
Feel Her energy.
  The Holy Mother, the Comforter, the Giver of Life.
   Breathe in from the gut and up to the heart.
 Breathe out, saying "Yes"
This message you are reading  is yours.
You have brought these words to yourself.
You wanted to see them, feel them.
You wanted to remember Who You Are.
And you succeeded!
Take another minute to re-enter.
 Stretch your arms out  as far as they can go.
        Smile.  Feel the world smiling back.

Grin.   Feel good.

Remember to smile, gently.



I salute the god in you.



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