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The Drug Reform Coordination Network
World's Largest Online Drug Policy Library
Island Web
Island Web aims at creating a psychedelic culture, inspired by Aldous Huxley's utopian novel Island. There's links to new and ancient ideas on the Web, Island Views Electrozine, An Island Psychedlic Marketplace and Island Chat Live.
MAPS: Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
MAPS is a research and educational organization focusing on the development of beneficial, socially-sanctioned uses of psychedelic drugs and marijuana.
Become a MAPS member, your support is needed.
Council on Spiritual Practices
The CSP is a transdenominational religious, educational, and scientific organization whose mission is to assist churches and other groups in cultivating spiritual practices and discussing their safety, efficacy, and long-term consequences.
The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs
An authoritative quarterly periodical containing timely information of a multidisciplinary nature surrounding the use and abuse of psychoactive drugs.
The Heffter Research Institute
The Heffter Research Institute is based on the belief that the multidisciplinary, legitimate, and scientifically sound investigation of psychedelic agents holds great potential for producing genuine breakthroughs in the understanding of the human mind.
Erowid's Psychoactive Vaults
An excellent resource for information.
The Gracie and Zarkov Experience
Technical notes from the underground...
Phenethylamines i Have Known And Loved
This is the second half of the book PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story by Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin.
LSD and the Psychedelics
An archive of articles about LSD and psychedelics

If every marijuana using adult in the United States CAME OUT OF THE MARIJUANA CLOSET, there'd be political clout to STOP THE WAR ON DRUGS which has bankrupt the U.S. morally, politically and economically. For your information, here is a list of just some of the hemp-related resources on the net.

Raising public awareness of the Cannabis Hemp plant. Information and product source.
The Industrial Hemp Information Network
HEMPTECH is a global network of agricultural-fiber experts and communication professionals working to reintroduce industrial hemp to our economy.
Renewables is a site providing a nexus of information on renewable resources including HEMP the premier renewable resource
Marijuana Policy Project
The only D.C.-based organization exclusively committed to lobbying for marijuana-law reform on the federal level.
The HIGH TIMES web site
lots of nformation about hemp, marijuana, and more.
Carl E. Olsen's Marijuana Archive
Many links to marijuana resources on the net.
Frequently Asked Questions about Cannabis Hemp
The USENET newsgroup alt.hemp's CANNABIS/MARIJUANA FAQ.
Waking World
New Paradigms, Spirituality, Metaphysics, New Consciousness and the best of New Age.
Real Astrology
A very hip mo nthly astrology column by Rob Brezney.
Institute of HeartMath
A non-profit organization engaged in the scientific study of the relatonship between the heart, consciousness and health.
Mind Media
Mind Media showcases software designed to make you smarter, happier, wealthier and more creative.
Amnesty International
Working to protect human rights worldwide.
UTNE Reader's field guide to the emerging culture.
Magical Blend Online
Charting the course of society's transformative journey.
Families Against Mandatory Minimums
FAMM is a national organization of citizens working to repeal statutory mandatory minimum sentences.
The Four Winds Society
Experience the sacred realms of the Q'ero elders; the shamanic keepers of the Inka prophecy.
ArtRock Online
The gateway to the world of rock-n-roll art.
Music, art, and poetry by Jon Anderson.
The boys in cyberspace! The official Grateful Dead Home Page.
Carl Sagan
his ideas, works and great heart on-line, a fitting memorial because it is so alive.
Council on Spiritual Practices
An entheogen organization working on larger acceptance of entheogens as a valid spiritual path.
Nicholas Saunders, whose early death in an African auto accident where he was about to do research in ibogaine, shocked us all this year, (author of E for Ecstasy and Ecstasy and the Dance Culture) gives facts, figures and speculations about MDMA, the rave culture.
Peace Network
IGC.ORG, peace organizations, events and happenings, what we can do to help our innate feelings that world peace is a real possibility; excellent links, this is a real networking page.
INTERLUDE: An Internet Retreat
one of my favorite sites, An Internet Retreat by Cybermonks, eclectic spirituality with Thoughts for the Day, meditations, love/and/light but not pretentious.
Internet Hippie - Are You One?
Peace, Love, Freedom, Happiness
Project Mind Foundation
an organization with remarkable ideas about how to "to free the human spirit from the crushing illusion of materialism"... has an interview which I did on the air with PMF founder, David Devor...
The Lycaeum Home Page
very important to psychedelic realities, largest on line entheogenic library and community, all information, chats, events, books and papers - kept up to date . Highly recommended.
Frank Moore's Web of All Possibilities
UNUSUAL!! (but so is Frank)- "You who are under 18-21, please don't come in! God knows, we don't want to corrupt your morals!" "This piece may be threatening to your everyday reality and cause questioning of the common morality."
World Peace 2000
January 1, 2000 is to be World Peace Day. This wonderful site has a quote or idea for the day for every day between now and 1/1/2000 from Dr. Robert Muller, one of my great heroes.
Rainbow Family of Living Light, Unofficial Home Page
(What could be 'official' with the Rainbow Family?) beautiful photos, links to all the gatherings both regional and national, past and present.
The Oracular Tree!
Teresa Hawkes is a beautiful person, poet and artist. Her home page simply helps you feel good.
Jay Kinney's homepage
"This home page looks best when viewed without government censorship!" Publisher, editor of Gnosis Magazine, this page is Jay's fine cutting irony and mixture of eroticism, spirit and political acumen . He writes very well. See his uncensored articles (from Wired etc.)
Human Kindness Foundation
Bo Lozoff's organization, mentioned for months on our Hip Happenings, is a light reaching into the darkness of prisons to help prisoners become warrior monks instead of victims. Bo is one of the few teachers who truly walks his talk, a meditator, jazz musician, healing speaker, one who is on the leading edge of helping people to change. As of July, 1998, Bo is actively starting a new Interfaith religion. BUT BE AWARE THAT UP UNTIL NOW, AT LEAST, INTERFAITH IS ONLY PARTIALLY TRUE INTERFAITH BECAUSE IT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE DIVINELY GIVEN SACRAMENTS!
The Spirit of Raving
A complete source of information, heartfelt space and music by and about ravers.
ProMind Books
Bob Wallace's fabulous collection of entheogenic/psychedelic/mind-expanding books for sale online.
Nick Herbert: Quantum Tantra
One of my favorite people, Nick Herbert is an outstanding physicist playing on the fringe fields of quantum mechanics, goddess worship and what he calls Quantum Tantra. His home page shimmers with erotic wisdom, outrageous poetry and mindboggling play. Author of many books: Faster Than Light, Quantum Reality, Elemental Mind. Nick is a great intellectual sparring partner and heartspace romantic.

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